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Old vs. New
"I...(AIR-WAVZ) have been airbrushing since 1992. From the first skull, airbrushed on the back of a grey sleeveless tee-shirt...(painted to impress my,"at the time" girlfriend-now wife)...I was HOOKED! ...Yeah, on the airbrushing too! Needless to say, I still have it...YEAH the tee-shirt too! Since that time I have been airbrushing on anything & everything! cars, boats, clothes, Harley tanks & fenders, canvas, shoes, boots, license plates, mouse pads...and even walls!!! I have also added computer generated graphics and design layouts for custom logos for many new business' which combined with the airbrushing gives a unique sharper style to all of my custom work. I was inspired by my BFF(NOT) Jack from Fantasy Studios, who has been airbrushing since the dawn of time! and for the last 10 years we have worked against and with each other on some bigger projects combining our efforts to create what I believe is some of the sharpest custom work on wheels! My goal is to keep customizing and decorating anything & everything that comes my way and maintaining the large & satisfied customer base I've built since that Saturday afternoon, back in 1992! Thanks to all, kevin & air-wavz.

First Airbrushed Tee


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